A successful Facebook strategy combines a mixture of activities. Learn how to create one for your own business using my golden rules below…

Facebook is the largest and probably most well-known of the Social Media platforms available. With so many active users, no matter what niche you have chosen, it is highly likely that your target audience is on there.

It’s also a great platform for networking, on other pages and within groups, so be sure to include that in your strategy as well.

Here’s my golden rules for successful Facebook marketing strategy:

Limit your Work-Time on Facebook

The Facebook algorithm is designed to show you posts that you’re most likely to engage with. Whether that’s cute photo’s of your best friends children, funny cat or dog videos, interesting posts in groups, articles on a particular topic that you’ve reading about recently or whatever else usually has you clicking for more.

This makes it so easy to get sucked into your Facebook newsfeed and get distracted from the task you’d gone there to complete. Consider how long it should take you to get the job done and set yourself a time limit for ‘work-time’ making sure to stay out of your newsfeed until you’ve ticked off that Facebook task that needs to be done today.

Set a timer to complete your tasks before viewing your newsfeed

Be Social

Be aware that people are not on Facebook to buy from you or any other small business. Keep in mind that your customers are probably using Facebook to socialise and stay in touch with friends and family.

Join groups and communities and be actively engage in them. Don’t just post and run! Engage with people on your page, in groups and comunities. Use Facebook to build friendships, make connections (both inside and outside your industry), get to know people and let them get to know you. Most of all, have fun and be social!

Facebook is a social platform not a selling platform!

Be Yourself

YOU are what makes your business unique. You are your businesses best and most valuable  asset, so use your personality to your advantage by being yourself and staying true to your core principles and beliefs. This authenticity will also help you to stand out from your competitors and attract the right people for the right reasons.

Be yourself and the right people will love you for it!

Know Your Ideal Customer

Before you can attract your ‘Ideal Customer’ you need to know who they are and where to find them. Facebook has some awesome tools available to help you discover more about your audience and their interests.

Facebook Search has improved over the years and now makes it really easy to find your potential customers.You can also use Graph search and hashtags that are relevant to the content you are posting.

 Identifying your ideal customer makes it easier to attract their attention.

Your Facebook page is not about you!

Your Facebook page is about serving your customers. It’s not about sharing what interests you, that’s what you personal profile is for. It’s about sharing content that interests and is valuable to your followers. Before you post anything on Facebook, ask yourself is this something that my ideal client will love? Will they find it interesting? Will it help them solve their problems? Will they find it funny?

Check your Page Insights to see what your audience are engaging with and post more of that type of content.

Be Consistent

Random posts once every blue moon will not help you to grow your Facebook page. I’ve seen on my own Facebook page that when I post consistently my reach increases, even without any engagement. But when I don’t post for a single day my reach halves.

Set aside time each week (or month if you prefer) to plan, create and schedule your Facebook posts to stay top of mind for your audience.

Facebook has their own scheduling tool, allowing you to publish regular updates, and help you stay consistent during any busy periods.

Schedule your posts in advance to improve consistency.

Create Your own Successful Facebook Strategy

Posting just for the sake of it won’t help you reach your Facebook goals!

Being on Facebook just because you think you should won’t help you reach your Facebook goals!

The best results usually come from having a well thought out strategy that can act as a guide when you’re unsure what to post and bring you back on track when you stumble.

Decide what you want to accomplish on Facebook, create a plan to achieve it and then implement your plan, testing and tweaking when necessary. 

Remember: Quality over Quantity… always!

If you focus on posting relevant and engaging content that gets reactions, comments and shares, then your ranking in the Facebook algorithmn will reflect this and as a result, your organic reach will improve over time.


Create your successful Facebook strategy using the guidelines above and you’ll soon be accomplishing your Facebook marketing goals!

Review, test and tweak your content regularly. Continually monitor what types of posts and content your audience engage with and build your posting strategy around them.

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