Successful business owners usually share a handful of qualities that help them to become high-achievers and set them apart from the rest.

High achievers usually have a positive attitude. They know how to take action and know when and how to ask for help. They are also not afraid to enlist the help of assistants and/or coaches to help them improve their business and planning skills.

We all have a variety of personality traits that can have an effect on our professional as well as personal lives. Certain qualities can prove more essential to success.

Positive Attiutude

Research has proven that positive and negative thoughts each have an effect on our brains.

Those with a positive attutide, have a deep belief that everything will be ok. They know that things will work out, maybe not they way they planned, but somehow it will all turn out good. As a result, they are open to more possibilities, look for opportunities to succeed, and are better problem solvers.

In contrast, a negative outlook can lead to self-doubt, low self-esteem, or depression. It’s difficult to find solutions when you are in a pattern of negative thinking because you simply don’t believe it is possible.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t,

you are right.”

– Henry Ford

When you believe something is possible you will persevere until it you find a way. Whereas, when you believe something is impossible, what’s the point in trying different methods when you already know it can’t be done?

Action Takers

Successful business owners are action takers. No matter how tough or demanding, they don’t put off doing the tasks that will move their business forward. They learn to develop the confidence to make smart decisions and take action without asking for the approval of others.

The good news, is that taking action is not necessarily a natural trait and can be learned.

Try to avoid overthinking your business plans or waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Instead, be proactive, make that decision, take the first step and move on. Even if you start with the smallest of steps, you will still be moving closer to your desired result.

If you struggle with confidence issues consider hiring a coach to help you develop the skills you need.

You cannot succeed without taking action

Awareness of Limitations

High-achievers recognise and accept their limitations. They know that it is far more advantageous to hire someone to complete a task that is beyond their capability, than it is to spend weeks trying to learn how to do it for themself. When they need help, sucessful people see the value in hiring someone who can provide that help. They find a solution instead of letting the obstacle stall their business plans and progress.

We all have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. What some people find extremely easy, others may find despairingly difficult.

Knowing your limitations and when you need to ask for help is a highly beneficial trait.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Hire the Right Help

The most successful business owners know that they cannot do everything by themself and they don’t try to. They assess what type of help they need and find the best solution for their circumstances.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Sarah owns a hairdressing salon. Her services are so in demand that clients have to book weeks in advance to secure an appointment with her. After being on her feet, non-stop busy with clients all day she’s exhausted and still needs to complete all the business paperwork when she gets home. Sarah chooses to take on an additional hair-stylist, increasing the number of available appointments every day, raising the business profits and transforming her previously hectic schedule.
  • Michael wants to start a grahic design business but doesn’t know anything about starting or running a business. Michael decides to hire a business coach to help him put a plan in place for setting up, launching and growing his business in a realistic time-frame, whilst making sure he covers all the necessary steps.
  • Mark is a sports coach. His diary is fully booked with paying customers and he struggles to find the time to complete regular admin tasks, without working late at night, where he usually falls asleep over his laptop in the early hours of the morning. Mark recognises that he needs help with this area of his business and hires an assistant to take over the administration duties.

  • Joanne is a sinlge mum and wants to start a business working from home around her family commitments. She has lots of business ideas but is not sure which one to go with. Joanne hires a business coach to help her determine which business idea is the most viable option for her and create a step-by-step plan of how to get her business launched and thriving in as little time as possible.

As you can see, all the above traits can be learned, and developed over time. 

How many of these qualities do you posess and which do you need to work on improving?  

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