If you struggle in the mornings, there is one thing you can add to your daily routine that will help, and that’s positive intentions. 

Positive intentions are a really simple way to get your day started on the best possible note. In this post we’ll look at the benefits and how to use them to your advantage.

What Are Positive Intentions?

A positive intention is like a guideline or goal, stated in positive terms, that helps yout to focus on what you want to achieve. When you are adding a positive intention into your day, you are basically telling your mind what it is you want to accomplish in the next 24 hours. 

We all set intentions at the start of our day, whether we realise it or not. Even bad habits can stem from positive intentions. For example, your intention may subconsciously be to feel good, so you indulge in your favorite junk foods. By consciously taking control of your positive intentions, it can deliver a lot of great benefits.

What Are the Benefits?

Some of the biggest advantages of positive intentions include: 

      • Providing clarity 
      • Helping to improve your focus
      • Developing a more positive mindset

You will also be more likely to achieve your goals.

Positive intentions give the mind a clear focus. They help you to become more present in the moment and focus on what it is you need to do today to achieve your goals. Helping you to get out of your head and provide a clear path to where you want to be, you will notice you are much more productive, less stressed, and happier overall.

The thing is the mind is going to set its own intentions for the day if you don’t intervene. Unfortunately, the mind finds it easier to focus on the negative. With positive intentions, it can help you to train the mind to be more positive.

How To Start

Now you know some of the benefits lets take a look at what types of positive intentions can you set. Knowing where to begin can be tough, but it’s a lot easier than you might think. Some simple examples of positive intentions include:

      • Today is going to be a really good day.
      • I will look for the positives in every situation.
      • Today, I will carry out  at least one task that will move me closer to [insert your goal] .

These are just some basic examples you can follow. Think of what it is you want to achieve and/or feel by the end of the day. Then, set that as your intention and remember to keep it positive.

When you start each day with positive intentions, it can have a massive impact on all areas of your life and business. You may just be surprised by how beneficial this simple act can be.

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