When we set goals, despite knowing EXACTLY what we need to do, it’s often the case that something gets in the way of us achieving those goals.

Take new year’s resolutions, for example. How many people decide that the new year is the perfect time to lose weight? We all know that losing weight usually involves some form of diet and possibly an exercise plan. Naturally, we get off to a great start, but somehow can’t seem to stick with it.

This is a prime example of knowing WHAT to do but not staying motivated enough to actually DO it.

The same is true with growing your business.

Sometimes, we need an extra little push, some encouragement to keep moving forward and stop putting off the steps we need to take. This is when a business coach becomes invaluable.

Staying Focused

We all KNOW we should have a business plan and market our business consistently, but sometimes life gets in the way.

A business coach will keep you focused on your goal. Instead of getting overwhelmed, you will have a plan in place for your next steps. Accountability plays a big part in the coaching process and will help you to stay on track.

Some people find that having a checklist of the next steps helps to keep them focused and increase productivity.

In Case of Emergency

We KNOW unexpected emergencies can (and sometimes do) happen. 

In these instances, you may need to take time off or cut your working day short.

A business coach can help you to readjust your business plans so that you’re not losing progress. That could mean taking a different route, changing course or simply outsourcing some of the tasks. When your mind is pre-occupied with other problems, your business coach will be your sounding board.

Facing Tech Problems

Your progress can be held up by technology issues or a lack of technical knowledge. 

For example, if you want to sell directly on your website, chances are you already KNOW that you need an online shopping cart. The uncertainty of which software to buy and perhaps how to install it, can have us procrastinating and the delay in adding the shopping cart will also prevent sales.

A business coach will help you find the software that best suits your needs. They may also be able to recommend someone to install it for you.

Mindset Issues

We KNOW that something is holding us back, but don’t know how to move past it.

Every business owner faces mindset issues in some (if not all) stages of their business journey. Sometimes we know exactly what the problem is but don’t know how to deal with it and other times we can’t pinpoint what is actually stopping us from moving forward.

A business coach can help you to both identify AND deal with the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your true potential.

Not Sure Which Path to Take

We KNOW where we want to go but have more than one option to get us there. There’s often multiple ways to reach the same destination. The best path for you to take will depend on your personal circumstances, previous experience and other factors.

A business coach can work with you to determine the most appropriate path for you to take. He/she may ask you questions that will help you to decide how to proceed.

As you can see, even the best-laid plans can still go awry. This is when hiring a business coach can be your businesses most valuable purchase. He/she will help you to put procedures and systems in place that will help you to identify and deal with any obstacles, adjust your plans when neccessary and make decisions that are right for you.

Keep in mind that business coaches are available to give advice, not to do the work for you. Listen to your coach’s unique perspective on your business and his/her advice then take action and follow through with your next steps.

Developing a coach/client relationship which allows you to feel confident in your own decisions is important to the growth of your business.

Are you ready to hire a business coach? Use the link below to schedule a strategy session to figure out if we’re a good fit for working together.

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