Setting SMARTER Business goals is an effective way to supercharge the SMART goal method by simply adding a couple of repeatable steps.

The process builds upon the SMART method, with additional steps to improve business planning, aid progress and increase business development.

Last week I shared the SMART goal setting method and how applying these filters to our goals makes them more achievable.

If you’ve applied the SMART criterion to your big business goal, you will already know that it is specific, is measurable, achievable, relevant and has a timeframe (or deadline). Yay! But it doesn’t end there!

The next step is crucial if you want to achieve your goal…

Create Your SMARTER business goal process

This is relatively simple, when you know how. 

After applying the initial SMART filters to your goal, and starting to work on said goal, you’ll next want to follow the additional part of the SMARTER process:

E – Evaluate

You need to Evaluate your progress.

When you take the time to evaluate your goal and the progress you are making, it becomes clear what methods are working well and which not so well. Resulting in making it much more efficient to use SMARTER business goals. 

Continuous evaluation of your progress is essential to keeping you on track. It will also help to keep you remain focused as you are working towards your goal.

You can’t measure progress without evaluation

R – Readjust

You may need to readjust your plans accordingly.

Based on the results of your evaluation, consider if you need to make adjustments to your plans. 

Often, there are multiple methods, activities and strategies that can be used to reach each individual goal. If the current approach you are using doesn’t appear to be working out for you, it may be worthwhile to readjust and try a different approach.

This is not about readjusting your goal. It is more trying different approaches to reach that goal.

Smarter business goals are more efficient

This is where the SMARTER process outdoes the SMART method. Instead of waiting until the deadline of your goal arrives to review your progress, you can evaluate and make readjustments as you go.

To sum up, applying the SMART filters to your goals is only the first step in the process. The second is to put a system in place where you regularly evaluate and make any necessary adjustments to your plans in order to achieve your SMARTER business goals.

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