Facebook marketing is one of the quickest ways to build an online presence for your business. 

In this post we’ll look at how Facebook works, how to benefit from using Facebook and how to boost your reach organically.

Can Facebook marketing work for your small business?

In short, yes!

Facebook is the largest and probably most well-known of all the Social Media platforms available. With so many active users, it’s highly likely that your target audience is on there.

If that’s the case why wouldn’t you include Facebook in your business marketing strategy?

Every business should have a presence on Facebook

But isn’t Facebook reach decreasing?

You’ve probably heard people say one or more of the following:

  • Facebook is trying to get rid of small businesses by limiting their orgainc reach
  • Your posts won’t get seen by your audience unless you pay for ads
  • Facebook are making it harder for small businesses who can’t compete with the larger well-known brands
  • All businesses have to pay to get seen on Facebook otherwise you might as well give it up and move to another Social Media platform

And yes, it’s true that some pages are seeing a decrease in organic reach and Facebook keeps moving the goalposts where both the rules and reach are concerned. But these obstacles can all be overcome by implementing an effective Facebook marketing strategy.

Admittedly the decrease in organic reach can be a nightmare for some businesses. For others such as small businesses, the Facebook algorithm can be a blessing due to the personalised nature of the connections it creates.

Let’s take a few minutes to consider these changes from a business point of view.

The key point to remember is that…

Facebook itself is a business!!!

As technology progresses and the world that we live in changes, things start to evolve including businesses, relationships, trends, cultures and even customer needs.

So, if marketing stays the same will it still be as effective? It makes sense that all forms of marketing (not only Facebook marketing) will need to evolve if they are to stay relevant.

How Does the Facebook Algorithm Work?

Facebooks uses an algorithm to rank content. No-one knows exactly how the algorithm works but we know in general that:

  • When a post is reacted to, commented on or shared, Facebook flags it as good content that readers are engaging with and will then show that post to more people.
  • It shows users the types of posts that are most likely to engage with, based on their recent activity.
  • It gives preference, in the newsfeed, to posts from people, pages and groups that particular account has recently interacted with.

Basically, the more engagement your post gets, the more followers it will reach.

Remember: Quality over Quantity… always!

If you focus on posting relevant and engaging content that gets likes, comments and shares, then your ranking in the Facebook algorithmn will reflect this and in turn, your organic reach will improve over time.

Can Facebook Marketing Benefit Your Small Business?

Facebook gives you a free platform to get to know your audience. You can showcase your talents and expertise as well as share your products/services. 

If you’re expecting to launch a Facebook page, post your products and get buyers straight away then you’re likely to find yourself disappointed. (It’s not impossible to get sales straight away but unlikely for the majority of businesses.)

Facebook, just like all other forms of marketing, is not a quick strategy that will bring amazing results overnight. And again, like most things, the more you work at improving your Facebook strategy, the more results you will see for your efforts..

The more you work at improving your Facebook page the more benefit it will be to your business

Getting your business seen on Facebook doesn’t need to cost huge amounts of money. What you do need is a good strategy based around what works for you and your business.


Facebook marketing is about building relationships with your potential customers, helping them to resolve their problems, sharing advice and consistently being of value to them.

If you do this effectively, it can increase your brand awareness, raise your business profile and earn you credibility within your industry.

Facebook is also a great place for networking, so be sure to include that in your strategy.

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