There could be a lot of reasons why your current routine isn’t working for you. Rather than giving up altogether, there are things you can do to revamp your routine to make it more effective.

Here’s 5 ways to uncover why your current routine isn’t working and what you can do about it… 

Discover the reason

Once you know why your current routine isn’t working, you can make changes to rectify it. Is there a specific area you struggle with? For example, your routine may require you to exercise early in the morning. However, this may make you feel even more tired, instead of energised through the day. It would then cause you to struggle with the rest of your routine.

It could also be that you have changed since you first created your routine. As we all evolve over time, it stands to reason that our routines will also need to evolve at the same pace. A regular review of your routine and it’s results can help to recognise when it’s time to adapt your routine.

Depending on the issue, you may need to change something about yourself, your expectations, or the tools and equipment you use.

Identifying what exactly isn’t working can help you find a solution

Tailor Your Routine

Is your routine currently tailored specifically to your needs? If not, that could be a key reason why it isn’t working. Many people make the mistake of copying somebody else’s routine. While some things may work well for you too, others may not. When you are trying to follow somebody else’s routine, you’re more likely to fail.

If your routine isn’t yet customised, spend time tailoring it to match your needs. Look at what specifically isn’t working and consider what you could do instead.

Personalised routines always produce the best results

Utilise Free Tools

These days, there are lots of free tools to help in all areas of life. If you are struggling with time management, even with a routine, you might find that particular tools can help. For example, project management tools like Asana. Or if you need a reminder at certain times of the day, you could try a notifications app or simply setting alarms on your mobile. 

Look for anything that makes your routine easier to maintain. Think about what can you do to streamline the tasks on your daily to-do list? 

Make use of the free tools that are available

Banish Boredom

Boredom is the number one killer of daily routines. While there is bound to be some level of monotony, daily routines can be tweaked to match your daily needs and preferences.

If you get bored easily, swap things around sometimes to prevent the boredom setting in. 

Daily routines can be temporarily adjusted when necessary

Incorporate Flexibility

Another reason why your current routine may not be working is that it may be too strict. You need to leave room for choices in your routine.

Can you schedule a catch-up session in your routine? This would allow you the freedom to do something spontaneous without worrying that you will fall behind on the days tasks.

Your routine doesn’t need to be too strict and rigid.

As you can see, there are many things you can try if your current routine isn’t working for you. Your needs and preferences change over time. Set aside time to assess your routine monthly and adjust your routines to reflect your progress and needs. By making small changes when needed, you’ll find it is much easier to stay on track, as well as modify the routines to ensure they continue working for you. 

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