You’ve got a really great idea for a new product, that will be a game-changer for your audience, but how do you know your product will sell?

Uncertainty is one of the biggest reasons that prevent people from starting a business.

How frustrating would it be to spend weeks or even months of your time creating this amazing solution, only to discover that it’s not what your audience wants or needs?

You don’t have to leave it to chance, though. There are plenty of ways to test your idea before spending the time and energy on creating it.

Here a few certain ways to create in-demand products that WILL sell:

Just Ask

The simplest way to identify what your target market needs and wants is to simply ask them.

Create a survey with Survey Monkey (or even a Google form) and send it out to your mailing list, share it on your Social Media accounts and link to it on your website.

For the best results, keep it short, but make sure to ask:

  1. What they are struggling with
  2. What they feel the solution would be worth to them (what would they pay)

The answers to these questions will tell you everything you need to know, in order to create something that is almost guaranteed to sell.

Listen to Your Ideal Clients

Pay attention to your ideal clients and the questions they ask, the problems they are having and the things they find most frustrating. These are things they need help with. What can you offer to answer those questions, solve those problems or ease those frustrations?

For example, if you’re a personal trainer and your target market are constantly asking questions about toning their stomach muscles, then there clearly there is a need for a workout program that targets that particular area of the body.

Facebook groups provide a really great opportunity for this type of research, but you need to first identify who your ideal client is.

Get Inspiration from Your Competitors

If you completed thorough research before starting your business, you will already know who your business competitors are and which of them share a similar target audience. If not, now is a great time to do some competitor research and identify who they are.

Read your competitors blog posts, sign up for their emails and follow them on social media.

This is a great way to gain insight into what they’re doing – not to copy them, but to discover what’s popular right now and get some inspiration for your own products and services.

You could also consider buying their paid products as well. Again, you should never copy them, but you can either:

  • Promote them as an affiliate
  • Create a more comprehensive version
  • Create a basic or ‘lite’ version on the sub-topics

Creating products because you think it’s a great idea can result in you spending a lot of time and money creating products and services that simply won’t sell.

Instead, pay attention to what your audience is asking for, find out what they’re willing to pay, and delve into your competition’s offers. The information you gain from these three activities alone will give you incredible insight into your market and what they want/need. This can make it easy to create your own in-demand products and services that WILL sell and drastically increase your revenue.

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