Setting business goals is a worthwhile process for every business. They help us to stay motivated, provide direction and help our business to grow. However, we also need to be aware of setting goals that are too easy or too challenging.

Goals that are too easy may keep you in your comfort zone but they won’t usually lead to business growth.

Goals that are too challenging can make you feel defeated and possibly cause you to give up on your dream.

Planning how to accomplish your goals doesn’t always require huge chunks of time but it is another necessary part of the goal-setting process. Otherwise you’ll start each morning wondering what you’re supposed to be doing and remain at a standstill.

Here’s 3 categories of business goals that will facilitate growth…

Small Goals

These are goals we can reach easily with just a little bit of extra effort.

For example, adding 5-10 new subscribers each week.

Small goals should always increase overtime but shouldn’t be so difficult that you get stressed working on them. Most importantly, these should be the easiest goals to meet so you feel some accomplishment at the end of the week or month.

Meeting your business goals builds momentum

Medium Goals

These are the goals that take us outside our comfort zone.

Staying firmly within your comfort zone won’t lead to growth; instead, you’ll stay right where you are and won’t see any changes in your business.

For example, a medium goal might be scheduling podcast interviews. Not only would you get practice talking about what you do and why you do it, but you’ll be exposed to a brand new audience, which could lead to new subscribers, social media followers, and even customers.

Expand your comfort zone with business goals

Large Goals

These are the biggest goals that may seem out of reach for where we are currently at.

Keep in mind that out of reach does not mean impossible. Quite often they will require a long term strategy. Break your biggest goals down into smaller steps, such as monthly, weekly, or daily goals.  Your large goals may take years to accomplish but you’ll still be working toward them every single day.

Strategic planning is required for large business goals 

Why We Need Goals

Quite simply, working every day without having concrete goals in mind is like going around in circles or jogging on the spot. You’re always moving but never actually getting anywhere.

In order to grow a business and increase our income, we need to set business goals.

Set aside some time to set and prioritise your goals. Break them down into doable steps and review your progress on a regular basis, making any neccessary adjustments. 

Reaching difficult goals not only grows your business but it also increases your confidence and builds momentum.

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