It is hard to know where to start with this one. I guess there is the actual date that K&K Legal Consulting became an actual business – almost 4 years ago but to a certain extent, it has always been in the making. We just hadn’t fleshed out the details.

I, that’s Kirsty, have always had that entrepreneurial mindset.

My mum used to laugh about how I was always destined to run a business and eventually I got there!

Myself and Kate met a few more years ago than I care to remember. It was initially at college where we studied together and then went into private practice sometimes at the same place and other times working in different areas of the city.

At one point I left law to go and explore the world feeling a little disillusioned with law but promptly fell back into it after my gap year. I discovered it wasn’t law I had fallen out of love with; it was the department I worked in instead.

Kate initially worked outside of law before deciding to study it.

This has proved invaluable becuase we both bring different qualities to our business now.

Having remained friends from college we threw around the idea of setting up our business. Initially, this was just something we said but as our lives changed (que the birth of our children) our business became a reality.

Working all hours in corporate practice just wasn’t for us anymore. Early morning starts, late nights and bringing work home didn’t fit with our new family makeup.

We also wanted more flexibility during the day. Not just family flexibility but deciding who we work with.

When you work for corporate practices you are told you must work for this or that client. Sometimes working with those clients was hard. Perhaps they didn’t listen, demanded too much or at times didn’t fit with our morals.

This was the kick we needed to set up on our own.

Setting up took a lot of work.

You are suddenly responsible for everything finance, administration, and marketing to name a few and of course the actual work the business is set up for – law.

Then come the costs of a website, insurance and actually getting your name out there etc. But being a little sad, we actually love learning new things. We did courses and watched videos to learn the admin side of things and put our legal knowledge to great use with formation, legal documents etc.

If we are honest, we loved learning how to and seeing it all come to life.

Perhaps that is why one of our favourite types of clients are start-ups. We even wrote a start-up guide to benefit others which is available on our website.

Now we help start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and charities with company and business law.

We actually love the fact that now we get a say in the clients we choose to work with such as CICs and charities. We are also fortunate to work with CICs and charities close to our hearts.

Our knowledge comes from studying together but also working in private practice. Today, we focus on working with clients on a more one-to-one basis. We love watching them grow and knowing they don’t need to be scared to contact us because of costs. We have dropped the traditional “charging for every minute of time” and work, for the most part, on a fixed fee basis.

Written by Kirsty, K&K Legal Consulting

K&K Consulting

We are Kirsty and Kate, or Kate and Kirsty whichever you prefer. We run K&K Legal Consulting Ltd and we help businesses, CICs and charities with their business or company legal needs. So that’s contract drafting, contract reviews, trademark advice, GDPR advice, legal formation, compliance and lots more.

You can visit their website here

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