Achieving business goals is something that many business owners struggle with. That is, they set goals and start to work on them but then promptly go off on tangents, which has the result of keeping them stuck in the same place.

Right now, we’re at that time of year again, where business owners reflect on the past year and consider how to grow their business in the coming year. Even non-business owners are thinking about what they want to achieve and making plans for the next weeks/months/year.

Everyone has hopes, goals and dreams but unfortunately, not everyone has enough focus to achieve them. So, here I’m sharing 5 tips to help you achieve your business goals :

#1 Apply Laser Focus

Setting busines goals allows you to laser focus on what you want to achieve. Instead of waking every morning with no idea what tasks you should be focusing on, having your goals written down allows you to make a daily to do list with tasks leading toward your goal.

No more ‘winging it’. Follow your action plan or checklist and focus on the important tasks that move you towards your goal, instead of spending your time on busy work.

Focus on the important tasks

#2 Keep them Visible

Keep those goals in sight and look at them daily.

Even if it’s just a simple goal list, keep that list posted right next to your desk so that you can read it every day.

For example, you could create a vision board and hang it in your office to remind you what you want to achieve and why you are working hard to reach these goals.

Other options could include your desktop or mobiles wallpaper, screensaver or background. It doesnt really matter what method you use, what does matter is that you place it where you will see it everyday.

As a result, these little reminders will keep your business goals at the forefront of your mind so that you can start achieving your them in no time!

Alternatively, keeping your goal list hidden under a mountain of paperwork or in a file somewhere on your desktop doesn’t quite serve the same purpose. Out of sight – out of mind, and soon enough the goal list is forgotten and that’s when we usually start to wander off track.

#3 Don’t Expect Smooth Sailing

Be prepared for some challenges to crop up along the way. No one’s path is smooth, especially in business. Quite often, problems can appear just when we’re feeling confident that we know what we’re doing. Don’t let these setbacks ruin your day, or even worse shatter your goals. Instead, focus on finding a way to resolve the problem and get back on track toward your goals as soon as possible.

Once you resolve the problem, write down the solution in case you experience another similar problem in the future. Having a list of possible solutions is much less stressful than not knowing what to do when faced with a challenge.

Find a way to resolve any problems

#4 Get An Accountability Partner

Sharing your goals with a partner helps to bring them to life. It also forces you to do the work or risk the shame of telling your partner you didn’t meet your goals.

Accountability partners cheer you on, remind you of deadlines, and ask insightful questions. They can be an enormous source of inspiration and can help you stay on target to reach your goals more quickly than you ever imagined possible!

One way to make this partnership more fun is to make a consequence whenever someone doesn’t deliver on their weekly goals. Whether that’s paying for lunch or donating to a charity, it raises the bar that little bit higher.

Find someone who will hold you to your tasks

#5 Identify Why they matter to You

Know and understand the real purpose of your goals. This may require digging a little further into your life and your reasons which can be extremely motivating. Ask yourself :

  • Why does this goal matter to you?
  • What difference will it make to your life?
  • And the lives of your loved ones?

Perhaps you want to pay for your child’s university tuition fees so they can graduate debt-free? Maybe you want to move your family to your dream home? There are no right or wrong answers. Your answer will make these goals important to YOU.

Motivate yourself by recognising your big ‘why’

Follow the 5 tips above to not only increase your chances of achieving your business goals, but also to speed up the process.

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